Stay Hydrated This Summer with Ink's Infused Water Recipes

Stay Hydrated This Summer with Ink's Infused Water Recipes

Whether you're trying to kick a soda habit, tired of plain ole H2O, or just trying to find new ways to stay hydrated in the summer heat, we've sharing some of our favorite ways to add fresh flavors to your drink today with 3 Infused Water Recipes. 

When getting started, we recommend exploring different infused water recipes using a water bottle to make sure you enjoy what you're creating and don't waste a whole pitcher of supplies. After that, it's easy to adjust these recipes to large sized pitchers to save time or make a large batch to share! 

Hand holding a glass water bottle with bamboo lid and straw with ice and orange infused water

Our Glass Tumblers with Straws are made for fun recipes like the ones we are featuring today. With aesthetic colors, a wide mouth, sipping straw, and spill-proof lid, you can take your infused water creations on the go.

Hand holding glass water bottle to the side to show how it does not spill

Mix and match your recipes with our glass water bottle's different color waves - playing with color in your food and drink is a great way to find inspiration and explore new pairings! 

Berry Blast

With summer being the best season for berries, the Berry Blast infused water is perfect for beating the heat. By squishing the berries against the glass, you are helping release the berries' flavors faster. Don't forget to give it a good stir and watch the water change colors while you sip!

Yellow background with berry blast infused water recipe. Text reads: Berry blast Triple Berry and Mint Infused Water What you need?-  1  to 2 Strawberries-  1 to 2 Raspberries-  22 oz of water- Ice- 1 to 2 Blackberries- 1 to 2 Blueberries- Mint Let's Get Started!Slice your strawberries and separate  the leaves from mint  Place all berries and mint in Glass Tumbler  then press the fruit lightly with the back of a spoon   Add Water  Refrigerate up to 24 hours before adding ice and enjoying!

Pick Me Up Punch

Just because it's sunny doesn't mean you can't feel a bit under the weather. Perhaps you've been partying too hard and just need a little Pick-Me-Up Punch! This lemon, ginger, and turmeric infused water will be refreshing and rejuvenate your spirit back to full health. 

Pick Me Up Punch Recipe with 2 lemon graphics. Text Reads: Pick-me-up punch. Lemon, Ginger, and Turmeric Infused Water. What you need? -  1 teaspoon of Turmeric-  1 to 2 slices of Ginger- 3 to 4 slices of Lemon-  22 oz of water- Ice Let's Get Started!Slice your lemons and ginger  Add to  Glass Tumbler with  Water  Sprinkle in Turmeric and Stir  Refrigerate  up  to 24 hours before adding ice and enjoying!

Citrus & Cucumber Sip

We're all familiar with classic cucumber water but this infused water recipe includes a little citrus to put a fruity spin on a classic summer drink. Kick back with this drink while you use the other cucumber slices as an eye mask! 

Text Reads: Citrus & Cucumber Sip Citrus and Cucumber Infused Water What you need? -  1 to 2 slices of Cucumber-  1 to 2 slices of Orange-  22 oz of water- 1 slice of Lemon- 1 slice of Lime- Ice Let's Get Started! Slice your cucumbers, orange, lemon, and lime  Add to  Glass Tumbler with  Water  Refrigerate  up  to 24 hours before adding ice and enjoying!
We hope you enjoy these recipes and that they help you stay hydrated this summer! If you make them, be sure to share it with us on social media by tagging @designworksink!

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