Desk Refresh: Bringing Color to Your Workspace

Desk Refresh: Bringing Color to Your Workspace

Here at DesignWorks Ink, we celebrate the practice of bringing personality and style into every space you spend time in. Whether you work from home, are back at the office, or problem solve all around the world, we want to empower you to make your workspace your own. 

Personalizing your workspace is especially important for staying motivated and inspired throughout your entire work week. Whether you're a décor maximalist or just looking for a few ways to sneak some color into your neutral office space, we're here to help - and you can trust us, vibrant colors and fun patterns are kind of our thing! 

Read on for tips and tricks to help you stay organized, reinvigorate your space with color, and refresh your state of mind.

Retro Grid Notepad - Weekly To Do List & Planner

Grid Notepad DesignWorks Ink

Our Retro Grid Notepad is a great way to showcase the entire week so nothing gets lost. This memo pad is ideal for keeping all your events and tasks in one place. With a simple base, it's easy to add details that make this notepad uniquely you each and every week.

This week based planner pad provides a basic layout to keep track of your events, tasks, and to-dos. The grid paper design also makes it easy to get creative and block off sections of your day for meeting times and tasks with washi tape or create your own design.

Don't hesitate to add inspirational pictures or encouragements with all the room on this large notepad. Who says staying organized can't be fun and stylish, too? 

Colorblock Notepad - Daily To Do List & Reminders

Colorblock Notepad Designworks Ink

To-do list management can be tricky, but we came up with some helpful tips to keep you crossing off those tasks! 

Stay reasonable with your workload: We have found that a sweet spot for tasks is 3-5 per day. It's all about staying mindful of all the work behind one to-do. 

Keep your tasks simple:  Don't hesitate to list out multiple steps for one project. You deserve celebration at every step of the way! 

Make your list work for you: Whether you list items by the time it takes to complete, how soon the to-do's should be done, or the order you'll complete the tasks, it's about finding an order that fits your work style.

Revise daily: Start your day off by refreshing your list and clearing off the items you have completed. This keeps your list structured and your mind clear on what needs to get done. 

Our Colorblock Notepads are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your workspace. These to-do list memo pads feature a header to keep track of the month and date, so you never forget what is due when. With three great color options to choose from (Coral & Blue, Chartreuse & Pink, and Green & Peach), there is a perfect match for anyone who is wanting to add some color to their office.

Washi Tape - Creative Accents for Organizing

Our line of washi tapes offer three different decorative tapes in one set. The Retro Washi Tape Set is an organizing essential with its days of the week, days of the month, and grid print for headers and more. The Funky Washi Tape Set is full of fun with a trendy terrazzo print, ombre rainbow, and spring daisies. The Strawberry Patch Washi Tape Set is the perfect spring and summer addition to your washi tape collection with two sets of gingham prints and an adorable strawberry role.

Washi Tape DesignWorks Ink

Washi Tape is made to decorate and customize your workspace, journals, notepads, and more. Below are some of our favorite ways to use washi tape to brighten up your desk and planner.

Cover up mistakes: Washi tape is the perfect cover up for misspellings, changes to your schedule, and more. This decorative tape is also easy to write over so you don't waste space in your planner or writing pad. 

Never lose your place: Fold a piece of washi tape over the corner or on the side of your page for a fun bookmark on essential pages of your task tracker.

Add inspirational images: It's easy to add in magazine clippings, fun pictures, and more with washi tape. Washi tape is easily taken up and moved around if you need to reorganize your inspirational images too!

Our collection of washi tape is full of inspiration with different patterns, bright colors, and even a set with weekdays and days of the month.

Overall, these desktop essentials are a great way to keep your work spaces colorful and creative while staying organized. We can't wait to see how you use these tips and tricks to refresh your work space and stay inspired in the office.

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