Journaling Prompts for Spring: Let Mindfulness Bloom

Journaling Prompts for Spring: Let Mindfulness Bloom

With the release of our new Jumbo Journals, we wanted to give you some inspiration to refresh and renew your journaling practice this month! The following prompts are just a few questions to allow for reflection with spring's awakening and the month of March for Women's History Month. 

Mindfulness is such an impactful tool for fully appreciating the season you're in. We encourage you to enjoy this new season of growth ahead with us! Pictured here is the Jumbo Cloth Covered Journal - La Luna

Designworks Ink La Lune Journal

Prompt No. 1

To the women I admire...

What women in your life have had the largest impact on you? What lessons, advice, and strength have you learned from their lived experiences? What are some qualities that you admire about them? In what ways do you see these qualities in you?

Prompt No. 2

The transition from winter to spring is a great time to release the past and embrace the this new season...

What are you holding onto that you need to let go of at this moment? How would it feel to let go of this? 

Prompt No. 3

What do I appreciate most about this season of my life?

Take a moment to list 5 or more things you enjoy in this moment. It can be something in the mundane or something new. Get specific. 

Girl Writing In Journal

Prompt No. 4

What are some new experiences that you are ready to welcome or an exciting goal you are working towards? What steps do you need to take to get there?

Prompt No. 5

What images come to mind when you hear the word "growth"? What does "growth" mean to you?

Prompt No. 6

What is a moment of mindfulness in the Women's Movement that you can admire, learn from and recharge with?

Girl Writing In Journal

Wrapping it up

Take a moment to pause and be still. Thank yourself for the time you carved out to be present and vulnerable. 

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“There is no barrier to entry. Mindfulness is an inward practice. Mindfulness is the ultimate act of social justice not only for yourself, but for those around you.

- Chardé Evans, "These Influential Women in History Say Mindfulness Is Key to Fighting for Social Justice (Here’s Why)"

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