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Explore with DesignWorks Ink & Anderson Design Group

Have you ever dreamed of taking off to a great adventure? Well maybe it isn't always that easy... but if you do have a wanderlust heart that is aching for new adventure inspiration, look no further than DesignWorks Ink's collaboration with Anderson Design Group.

Inspired by the great golden age of posters, our Anderson Design Group Journals and Puzzles are here to showcase the aesthetic elements and grand traditions of design to a whole new generation.

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In the words of Anderson Design Group, "We get dreamy-eyed when it comes to vintage poster design. There's something about that romantic, hand-illustrated style that strikes a chord in us, pushing us to explore and practice our craft as graphic artists."

Anderson Design Group Puzzles

DesignWorks Ink Anderson Design Group - 6 puzzle tubes with one tipped over with puzzle pieces spilling out

With 6 great design destinations to choose from, you can dream up a whole vacation itinerary while putting together the pieces of our puzzles. As the days get shorter and colder, puzzles make a great indoor activity for you and your friends. Explore the destinations below to pick your next adventure-filled activity.

Italy - Ciao sognante! Be transported to the Amalfi Coast with this 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle is perfect if you're dreaming of bright blue waters, colorful cliffside villages, and rustic charm. 

Monaco - Here comes a new adventure! This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle features the glamorous and affluent themes commonly associated with this city-state. This puzzle is made for you if you're ready for an opulent evening filled with casinos, cars, and everything coastal. 

Santorini - Say hello to the Aegean Sea as you piece together our 500 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring iconic imagery of the Cyclades Islands. This puzzle is the one for you if you are looking to escape to warm waters, blue accented architecture, and seaside sunsets. 

Budapest - Did you know this great location is the spa capital of the world? Indulge in all your relaxing fantasies with our Budapest themed 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle is perfect for you if you're looking for a mix of city and country with elements of water and relaxation.

Costa Rica - Adventure awaits with our Costa Rican themed 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. This tropical destination is perfect for you if you're wanting to imagine yourself doing thrilling activities, exploring lush national parks, and nature watching. 

Namibia - Full of natural attractions, our Namibia 500 piece jigsaw puzzle showcases the wild beauty of this land. Home to the world's oldest desert and largest population of free-roaming cheetahs, this puzzle is perfect if you are wanting to escape the mundane and live your explorer dreams. 

As an added bonus our jigsaw puzzles are easy to frame once you're finished. Bring some new artwork to your walls and stay inspired with our travel themed puzzles! 

Anderson Design Group Journals

DesignWorks Ink Anderson Design Group - 5 journals with gold accents stacked

Whether you need a space to recap your last trip or plan a future one, our collections of journals are full of perfect pages waiting to hold all your vacation ramblings. 

Lined Interior Journals

Fill the lined pages of this soft sueded paper journal with endless adventures. There is plenty of room to recap all your roaming with 240 lined pages, printed with soy ink on acid-free paper as a sustainable alternative to mass produced journals. A satin ribbon marker makes it easy to keep your place and stay organized, even on the go. 

The gold foil stamped artwork serves to keep you inspired and ready to explore. Our 6 unique designs make it easy to find your new favorite destination: Cinque Terre | Mexico | Santorini | Costa Rica | Monaco | Sydney

Undated Planner Travel Journal

You decide when your adventures begins with our undated planner page journal. In addition to a simple day-by-day layout, this journal includes a daily habits checklist, top priorities checklist, and notes section to keep your week organized with ease. 

Beige notebook with gold foil travel destinations and other office supplies surrounding the journal

Travel Notebook Set

Keep a log of all your adventures with our notebook set which includes 5 small notebooks that are perfect for the frequent flyer or road trip enthusiast with their interior pages featuring writing prompts, budgeting, goals, trip logs, and packing list. Don't be afraid to dream big and coordinate your vacation destination with the variety of colorful, gold foil cities! 



Set of 5 notebooks showing the exterior and interior of the notebook pages and journal pocket


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