DWI x Mental Health Awareness Month

DWI x Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health plays a huge role in overall health, so here at DesignWorks Ink we want to spotlight the importance of Mental Health Awareness Month. This month is not only a time to raise awareness, but to also help reduce stigma around these experiences. In honor of this, we want to highlight some of our favorite products to supplement your self-care routines, connect with friends, and encourage exploring new things.

DesignWorks Ink Variety Shot with Notebooks, Journals, Market Bags, Pens, Pencils, and More

For this year's theme, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is amplifying the message of "Together for Mental Illness", so grab your best pal or loved one and focus on connecting in safe ways and acknowledging that it's okay to not be okay. Remember you are not alone.

Set of 3 Undated Planners


Expressing your emotions and feelings on paper is a great way to release, reflect, and recharge. Writing down your thoughts also helps you understand your circumstances more easily and can serve as a way to relax after a stressful situation. 

Here are a few tips on journaling that can help boost your writing flow and keep you inspired: 

  • Try to Journal Every Day: When starting out journaling, checking-in daily helps monitor what is causing you distress or uneasiness on a smaller scale. Setting a routine for yourself can help you stay in the habit of daily journaling. If you miss a day, don't be too hard on yourself! You can go back and fill in that day or just give yourself a rest - Everyone deserves a break! 
  • Make it Easy: Keeping your supplies handy is key to setting your routine. Having a carrying case like our Vegan Leather On-The-Go Kits for all your utensils is a simple way to keep track of everything you need. Another way to make journaling accessible is to keep a small notebook with you. We recommend our Set of 3 Flex Notebooks as their smaller size, different interiors, and flexibility make great journals.
  • Keep Things Fun: Your journal is your space to get creative! Feel free to add inspiring pictures, quotes, and more in your pages to flip back to. It's easy to add in magazine clippings or cute images with our Funky Washi Tape and Strawberry Patch Washi Tape.

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Tumbling Tower Tabletop Game

Game Night

Since the theme of Mental Health Awareness Month centers togetherness this year, it is a great time to make plans for a fun night for you and your friends! In between all your other activities and responsibilities, scheduling a game night is a great way to get some laughs in and spend quality time together.

Tumbling Tower is a fun revamp of a classic game that will get your heart racing as the tower tilts and eventually falls! Dominoes or Pick Up Sticks are also two other classic games that have been restyled in aesthetic colors. You can pair all of these games with questions as you put down dominoes, pick up sticks, or pull out tumbling blocks from the tower to dig deeper and connect. 

If you're looking to have some friendly competition at your game night, you can use our Game Score Post-Bound Pad and Game Night Pencil Set to keep score and look stylish while doing it.

Vegan Leather Eyeglasses Case Designworks Ink

Getting Outside

We live in a digital world where most our time is spent looking at screens - whether that's your phone, computer for work, or tv to relax. Although there is no shame in scrolling for fun or watching a movie to unwind, getting outside is a nice way to break up your digital activities and recharge under the sun. 

Whether it's a stroll in the park, a full on camping trip, or just a quick breather in your backyard, research supports the connection between getting outside and improved attention, lower stress, better mood, and upticks in empathy and cooperation (Source).

If you are going out for extended periods of time, it's important to stay hydrated. Any easy way to keep track of your water intake is with our Wellness Waterbottles. Their bright colors of Lilac, Chartreuse, and Rosewood will keep you encouraged as your drink! 

If you're looking to protect your favorite shades and keep your sunglasses ready for your next walk, we recommend storing them in our of our sassy and stylish eyeglass cases. Their fun phrases like "Finders Peepers", "Well Looky Here", "Fancy Seeing You Here" and "I Rest My Case" are sure to bring a smile to your face as you head out on your next adventure! 

Wellness Waterbottle with Tracker Designworks Ink

Help NAMI spread the word through awareness, support and advocacy activities. Be sure to use #MHAM and tag @designworksink when you share your story and come together with us for Mental Health Awareness Month.

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