Back to School Supplies: Stationery Essentials

Back to School Supplies: Stationery Essentials

It's that time of year - when days start to get shorter but are filled with more memories, information, and new knowledge than you can sometimes keep organized. That's why DesignWorks Ink is here to help. With our notebooks, note pads, journals, pen and pencil sets, you'll be prepared for all the lectures, test, quizzes, and worksheets ahead. 

Our variety of desk supplies also make great gifts for your favorite teacher friend or relative that could use an extra boost of color, fun, or organization help to stay on track for the school year ahead. 

Office On The Go

Orange office on the go case unzipped with various office supplies inside

Taking your work to go just got way easier with our On The Go Office Kits. These zipper pouches include all your essential school supplies in one convenient place. Our handy Office On the Go Kits come in seven unique colors from Classic Black to Bright Lilac Purple to Trendy Matcha Green

This kit includes a ruler, mini stapler, small refill box of staples, mini tape dispenser, scissors, binder clips, and page flags all wrapped up in a soft, colorful vegan leather pouch. The structured elastic band on the front also makes a great phone holder for when you're walking to class or attempting to stop procrastinating and need a place to put digital distractions away.

Quality Notebooks

 Flatlay of large pink notebook, small blue notebook, large white notebook, small green notebook, scissors, rulers, and more office accessories on a wooden desk with gold desk accessories and trinkets around the spiral notebooks

There is nothing more important than starting the school year off on the right page. Our selection of notebooks include a variety of hardcover notebooks and spiral notebooks in large and small sizes to meet all your needs. Our take on the classic spiral notebook, the Twin Wire Notebooks are perfect for dividing up different subjects and notes by color with their different options like TerracottaEbonyBlueSpeckled Ivory, or Juniper Green.

This style of notebook also includes a perpetual day and month header design, so you never lose track of what notes were taken when. Additionally, these notebooks include a subject header so you can stay organized on a variety of different topics in your class. The soft spiral notebook design makes it easy to fold over the notebook and write on just one side if your desk is small, too. 

The Perfect Writing Utensil

 Pencil set with flowers surrounding it

Whether you're looking for a little bit of encouragement through our fun pencil sets like Old School Swear Words (school safe... we promise!) or showing off your favorite mystical aesthetic using the Celestial Heavens, DesignWorks Ink is sure to have a writing utensil that suites your style. 

Our Standard Issue Multi-Tool Pen (offered in multiple colors to match your personality like Black, Green, Blue, Pink, and more!) is one tool that does it *all*! This all-in-one pen includes a mini level, 4 rules, a mini flathead screwdriver, and stylus for smartphones. Never go unprepared on campus without it. 

Note Pads

Four Standard Issue Post Bound Ledger Note Pads with Pen sitting on top on wooden desk with plant to the side

A memo note pad is a great tool to write down a quick to-do list, prioritize your tasks, or keep in your study area to stay organized. Our note pad selection includes a variety of different sizes and colors to match your style. If you're looking for a large note pad, we recommend the Retro Grid Notepad which has enough room to organize your whole week and layout all you need to do in one simple view. 

If you're looking for something to energize you to work through that to-do list and tasks you've been procrastinating, we suggest you picking up the Colorblock Notepad in your favorite color (whether that be Yellow & Pink, Coral & Blue, or Green & Peach). These Colorblock Notepads are thoughtfully designed to bring purpose & structure to your daily life. 

 Jumbo journals with apple and flowers sitting on blue journal

We hope these recommendations help you explore new layouts and methods to staying organized this school year. Whether you're headed back to college, buying gifts for your teacher friends, or treating yourself, we wish you a great school year and continued success on campus. 

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